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Ethiopian Heart breaking 173,000 USD from bank in Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Heart breaking 173,000 USD  from bank in Ethiopia There is parallel in the arguments made against the establishment of an Hawassa-based Sidama state and the denial of Addis Abeba (Finfinnee) as the capital of Oromia National Regional State. And, I suspect such arguments are meant to discourage the emergence in the highland peripheral parts of Ethiopia of urban centers that defy the logic of Abyssinian imperialism, the primary historical factor for the problems we are facing right now. While more persuasive arguments can be made on behalf of non-Sidama residents of Hawassa for democratic participation, such arguments cannot convincingly defeat Sidamas’ case for Hawassa-based regional state that are both ethically and legally sound.

The most uncritical argument against an Hawassa-based Sidama state is the one that tries to present Hawassa as aesthetically incompatible with a Sidama regional state. Such arguments are informed by the ever-present colonial thinking among some Ethiopians that consider matters involving indigenous peoples in peripheral parts of Ethiopia – what they pejoratively call ‘tribes’ (or gossa) – is incompatible with modernity. Modernity for these set of people is a mark only of the state-sanctioned nationalism (Ethiopianism) and the cultural and political projects it permits. Of course, disdain, indifference, and blatant racism towards peoples of Ethiopian periphery (highland or lowland) and their nationalisms were not new to discourses of Ethiopian modernity, discourses which are derivative and colonial for they give primacy for European social and political thoughts at the expense of indigenous ones.

The writings of some of the most widely celebrated Ethiopian modernists  replete with lines that scholars of colonial discourse would probably find too abhorrent to be uttered by thinkers hailing from Ethiopia, a country that symbolized black freedom from European colonialism. Aside from its affinity with colonial discourses elsewhere, such line of argument is insensitive to the beauty of the Fitchee Chambalaalla the Sidamas annually gather to celebrate at their Gudumale, Hawassa. There is no better place than their Gudumale and their current capital for the Sidamas to imagine as the future capital of their regional state. The more thoughtful we are as a society, the more contemptuous we become to thoughts that suggest the aesthetic incompatibility of the Sidamas, one of the largest nations in the country, to the town that is founded on a land they traditionally own

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